Table Local Market will sell artisanal quality products from the regional area; the most nutritious, organic and seasonal food available. Located in Bedford Hills, NY, Table will carry fresh produce from local farmers, organic meat and poultry, cheeses, dairy products and bread from local producers, as well as related specialty products. A select menu of prepared items will be available. All products will be chemical, preservative, hormone free, not genetically modified and respectful of the environment.

The underlying foundation for Table Local Market is that economically viable, local and organic farming produces the highest quality food with the least environmental impact. The mission of Table is to create a venue for local, regional, organic and sustainable food that is an alternative to the mass production, industrial food system. We aim to accomplish these goals while connecting our community with farmers, food, and our land through educational and social programs.

Under the USGBC LEED for Commercial Interiors rating system, the project was registered as a LEED project in November 2008. The project team is seeking a Silver certification with strategies in the following areas,

- Water use reduction and conservation
- Optimize energy performance
- Utilizing 90% of ENERGY STAR rated equipment
- Maintain 60% of Interior Non-Structural Components
- Construction Waste Management, Divert 50% From Landfill
- Utilize building materials with Recycled Content
- Utilize building materials with Rapidly Renewable Materials
- Utilize FSC (Forest Stewardship Council)certified wood
- Develop and enforce a Construction Indoor Air Quality Plan
- Utilize Low-Emitting Adhesives and Sealants
- Utilize Low-Emitting Paints and Coatings
- Provide Convenient Controllability of Lighting, Temperature, and Ventilation systems
- Provide 90% Daylight and Views from Staff occupied and Guest seated spaces

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Project Architect: Patrick Brennan

Project Designer: Patrick Brennan, Sam Wong


Bedford Hills, NY



Commercial Interior - Retail

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