The proposed school will be located at the Hayloft Motel in South Salem. The program includes five classrooms, multi-purpose room, staff's office, reception lobby, and kitchen and restroom. Each classroom will have a practical life area, a restroom, and direct access to the outdoor deck and garden area. Open outdoor space will include a Pond, Nature Trail, playground, and field totalling 6.4 acres.

Many green strategies were in employed in the design of this new facility.

- Protect and restore habitat and promote biodiversity
- Maximize open space
- Manage storm water quantity and quality by using pervious pavement system and on-site runoff filtration system
- Reduce heat island effect by installing a high Solar Reflectance Index (SRI) valued pavement and roofing system
- Reduce light pollution
- Water efficient landscaping
- Reduce overall water use
- Utilize building materials with Recycled Content
- Utilize building materials with Rapidly Renewable Materials
- Provide 90% daylight and views for all occupants within the building

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Project Architect: Patrick Brennan

Project Designer: Patrick Brennan, Sam Wong


South Salem, NY



Educational - Substantial Renovation

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