Guard House

Known locally as the “Guard House” or “Nehemiah Lounsbery” house, an inscription on the front door reads;

     “In 1740 this house was built by Nehemiah Lounsbery. During the
     Revolutionary War it was occupied by the Guard placed by the Army of
     General Washington on what is now called Guard Hill. For many years
     it has been owned and is now occupied by Gustavus Kirby.”

Following their defeat at the battle of White Plains, Washington’s Army established a lookout on a nearby hill and used the Lounsbery farmhouse as a barracks. The Army reportedly held court martial trials in the kitchen and hung deserters and spies on a great oak tree that stood in front of the home up until the 1930s.

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Project Architect: Patrick Brennan

Project Designer: Patrick Brennan, Sam Wong


Bedford, NY



Residential - Substantial Renovation

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